Deliver Me

2 Samuel 22:2- “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer."

Deliverance is a part of God’s gift to us.

God delivers us from so many things that were meant to break us down and destroy us.

God has delivered us from trials and tribulations that we would have never overcome on our own God has delivered us from hurt, pain, insecurities, and rage and because of God we are still standing.

-Because of God we are strong.

-Because of God we are warriors.

-Because of God we have been delivered.

Every day that we wake up, we are in a battle of flesh versus spirit.

The flesh is the root of all sin, however, the spirit is from God and is of God.

To be made new is to be made new in the spirit so that it may overcome our flesh.

Lord I ask you today, to give us the strength to choose your Holy spirit each and every second of the day.I pray that we are delivered from all things and are created new in you.

Thank you God for deliverance.

Oh God, deliver me from my wickedness. Deliver me from the evil doings of this world. I pray that you deliver me from the sinful nature of my flesh. God make me new in you and transform me to be more like you.

In Jesus Name I Pray,



Aleah Robinson

-The Blessed Life